Currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Marconi graduated with a BA (Hons) Graphic design at University for the Creative Arts, United Kingdom (Formerly University College for the Creative Arts).  She is a professional, energetic, charismatic, and confident dancer, instructor and choreographer.  Marconi has extensive years of experience teaching students from age 11-45.  She also has more than 15 years experience in different dance styles such as Dancehall, Twerk, Hip-hop and Jazz Funk.  In addition to teaching regular Dancehall Fusion classes at Flying Studios (Oakland), Rae Studios (San Francisco) & Dancehall Grooves at Rae Studios (San Francisco),  


Over the years, Dancehall Fusion has become her signature dance style.  Because it combines the technique of Jamaican Dancehall with other styles such as Hip-hop, Twerk and Jazz Funk, it has become a widely popular form of fusion.  Marconi is influenced by DHQ Style and Female Dancehall. Dancehall Fusion is all about expression, attitude, confidence, sexiness, fun, enjoyment, creativity and style. 


Marconi is known for her excellent ability to break down dances into learnable sections with fun, intense warm-ups and choreography.  She is also very good at teamwork and leadership.  Marconi has a reputation as a multi-talented dancer who is familiar with production management with strong choreography skill sets. Marconi has wonderful interpersonal skills and is very passionate when it comes to dance; she enjoys teaching, sharing, and never gets bored of learning.

Along with her dance and choreography skills, Marconi has gone on to acquire awards for her work in her industry.  She achieved 1st place in Dance World Cup – Asian Cup 2018 Hong Kong as a choreographer in “Dancehall Fusion Style” for students under 16-years old. Also, 1st Runner-Up in Open Level All Styles at Hong Kong’s Best Dance Crew in 2015 as a co-choreographer and dancer.  Marconi also got invited as a guest performer in a variety show named "I Am Not A Star" in Season 6 - Episode 7 & Episode 8, which organised by Zhejiang Satellite TV in China in 2015, to perform dance and drama.

Besides dance, Marconi is also a model of Shortlist Model & Talent Agency (SF Bay Area).  She has been involved in modelling and commercial work including but not limited to product launches, short video ads, social media.  Marconi has also worked on campaigns for Fortune 500 companies.  

Dance Work Experiences

Marconi Tsui


Dance Styles

Dancehall Fusion  <

Dancehall Queen Style <

 Dancehall Female <

Hip-hop <

Twerk  <

Jazzfunk <


Dancehall <

Twerk <

Hip-hop <

Jazz Funk <

Choreography <

Partnering <

Special Skills

Dancehall Tricks <

Tumbling Skills <

Flexibility <

Song Editing <

Fluent in Chinese & English <

Associated Groups

  • Shortlist Model & Talent Agency, SF Bay Area

  • Studiodanz (SDZ), Hong Kong

Performance & Choreography Experiences

  • Studiodanz Showcases, Hong Kong  (2016-2019, every Sep and Feb)

       > Dancer & Choreographer for my team.                                     

       > Dancer of tutors performance in 2019 showcase.


  • Dance World Cup – Asian Cup 2018, Hong Kong

       > Choreographer – “Dancehall Fusion Style”

  • Dancing With The World, Hong Kong  (03/26/2017)

       Organized by Miranda Chin Dance Company HK

       > Guest performer – Dancehall Fusion  (Dancer & Choreographer)


  • Hong Kong’s Best Dance Crew Competition, Hong Kong  (2015)

       > Co-choreographer & Dancer – “Sassy Divaz”


  • Zhejiang Satellite TV, Hangzhou, China  (03/2015)                 

        Celebrity Talent Show - “I’m Not a Star” 《我不是明星》 Season 6, Episode 7 & 8

       > Dance performer


  • Ones To Watch Dance Company Summer Showcase, Hong Kong  (2010-2011)  

       > Dancer & Choreographer for my team.



  • San Francisco Bay Area, CA
    > DHQ Alevanilla (Schengen Squad) Dancehall Queen Workshop (2020)
    > Aurora (Schengen Squad) Dancehall Female Workshop (2020)
    > Veronica (Schengen Squad) Dancehall Workshop (2020)
    > Ika (Schengen Squad) Dancehall Workshop (2020)
    > Tango Leadaz Dancehall Workshop (2019)

    > DHQ Johanna Enough Dancehall & Booty Technique Workshops  (2019) 
    > Kara Jenelle Afrobeats Workshop (2019)
    > Betty Rox Sip and Soca Workshop  (2019)

    > Ezinne Afrobeats Workshops  (2019)

       > Osaki Bomb Afrobeats Dance Classes  (2019)
       > Libby & Jay-C Dancehall Collab Class  (2019)


  • Hong Kong (S.A.R), China
    > Yvonne-Marie Sain Jazz Funk & Heels Workshops  (2017)

    > Danielle Polanco Twerk Workshops  (2015, 2016 & 2017) 
    > Terry Wright Hip-hop Workshops (2015)
    > Henry Link Dancehall Workshop (2015)

    Latonya Style- Jamaican Dancehall Workshop  (2015) 

       Sheryl Murakami Jazz Funk Workshops  (2015)

       > Yvonne-Marie Sain Jazz Funk & Heels Workshops (2015)

       > EG (Kenny Wong) Hip-hop, Jazz Funk (2001-2012)

       > EG (Kenny Wong) Locking, House (2010) 

       > Kargo Break Dance  (2001-2003)

  •  New York, USA
    Yaminah Legohn Dancehall Class  (2016)             

     > Omari Mizrahi African Class  (2016)


  • Dance World Cup – Asian Cup 2018,  Hong Kong 
    1st Place - Under 16 ages
    Choreographer – “Dancehall Fusion Style”

  • Hong Kong’s Best Dance Crew 2015                   
    1st Runner-Up - Open Level All Styles
    Co-choreographer & Dancer – “Sassy Divaz”

  • Dance Instructor | Choreographer
    > Rae Studios, San Francisco CA   (11/2019-Present)   
    > Young Reach Dance Studio, Sunnyvale CA   (10/2019-Present)
    > Flying Studios MOD, Oakland CA   (10/2019-03/2020)

       > In The Groove Studios, Oakland CA  (08/2019-11/2019) 

       > Studiodanz, Hong Kong   (12/2015-09/2019)    
       > Ones To Watch Dance Company, Hong Kong   (04/2010-10/2012)