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This Dancehall flavoured, upbeat and fun choreography class is for those who want a challenge and experience something difference!! 


Dancehall Fusion has become Marconi’s signature dance style. Because it combines the technique and foundation of Jamaican Dancehall with other styles such as Hip-hop, Twerk and Jazz Funk, it has become a widely popular form of fusion. Marconi is influenced by DHQ Style,  Female Dancehall and Twerk. Dancehall Fusion is all about expression, attitude, confidence, sexiness, fun, enjoyment, creativity and style. 


This class starts with an intense warm-ups that consists of isolations, stretching, and learning all the hottest dancehall moves by knowing the dance names and the creators.  Then move on to teach a routine that incorporates all the elements of the warm up. Marconi will break down all the movements in learnable sections, and explains the transition/connection between each movements, which makes students easy to follow. 


Marconi brings a skilful and excellent dance experience in all of her classes, and makes learning enjoyable.  Her classes are all-levels that slowly intensify with irregular and challenging choreography, but at times, remain basic for foundational growth.  If you are looking to level up your dance training, while getting a great workout, then this is the class for you.

"Twerk & Queen" is a class that combines twerknique and  foundation as well as Jamaican Dancehall Queen Style which created by Marconi. This workshop has divided into 2 different levels -  Beginner and Beginner Advanced. This class starts with an intense warm-ups that consists of isolations, stretching and core training. Then you will get to practice and learn the basic moves and twerk techniques which help you to get a better understanding of how to control your booty and execute the movements. Sometimes you will learn one or two DHQ tricks. You will be learning a short choreography that will help you to remember the moves along with working on rhythm and muscle isolations. 

So, what is Twerk? Twerking is a type of dancing in which the dancer (usually a woman) shakes her hips in an up-and-down bouncing motion, causing her buttocks to shake, “wobble” & “jiggle” in a squatting stance, and bounce depending on the context.  Modern day twerking is very similar to Mapouka (“dance of the behind”), a traditional dance from West Africa.  Mapouka requires great skill and isolation of muscles which done by women that focuses on the buttocks.  The actual term “Twerking” comes from New Orleans’s early 90s bounce scene.


Twerking is considerably fun as well as a great full body workout. It can tone the legs, glut, strengthens the core, lower back and hip flexibility, and also help to build confidence.

Let’s get loose, free your cheeks and have fun together.  For better result, please wear booty shorts/loose shorts or something doesn’t hug your booty too tight and bring kneepads.

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