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" Having Marconi as my dance teacher is one of the best things that happened to me during the pandemic. Marconi is committed to her craft. She takes dancing and teaching seriously. She has a very professional setup for online classes, which not a lot of teachers do. She is exceptionally encouraging and patient. That is huge for beginner dancers like me and probably a lot of other people. If you want to become a better dancer, Marconi will hold your hands and guide you through every step of the way. She has given me priceless advice drawing from her years of experience. I’m extremely grateful to have met her and taken her classes during this tough time.  "

[ Emma | San Fran ] 


" Marconi's classes are awesome! Full of so much positive energy, with some incredible music choices and always a super fun choreography! She has such an easy to follow and clear style of teaching, which means that everyone in the class learns something, no matter their level. Her dancing style, her energy, her friendliness and her positive vibes are just a joy to experience and I always leave class feeling energised and sassy as hell! "

[ Ruth | San Fran ]


" Marconi is an awesome dancer, teacher and choreographer!  At first I was intimidated with her tough love approach to learning, but very quickly it became clear that it sets her apart as a teacher who genuinely cares about helping her students grow.  She is patient and uses a lot of repetition (which helps slow learners like myself).  She puts the right emphasis on both technique and musicality and her choreo is lots of fun to learn.  I always look forward to learning from glad I found yet another talented dance teacher! "

[ Seshu | San Fran ]

" Marconi is an incredible teacher. I started taking her Twerk Camp Workshops during COVID ( I had never twerked before). This has definitely become my new favorite, always eager for the next workshop! Her class is both fun and challenging. Marconi is a spectacular dancer and an impressive teacher. She is very talented at breaking down difficult moves, very professional, and constantly strives to give you personal feedback to help you improve. I can't wait for the end of COVID to show the world the new moves I have learned :-) " 

[ Sophie McCallum | San Fran ]


" Marconi is THE BEST!!! When I took my first dance class from her, I knew I was coming across a master dancer. So I started taking private lessons with her. Marconi has been teaching me twerk and she changed my life!! I think it’s so important for women to learn how to use their hips. I feel waaaay more confident in my body and in my life in general! Her technique and musicality is on another level! I’m so grateful I met her and that I’m able to get privately coached by her. If you love dancehall, hip hop or twerking you need to have a private lesson with Marconi to refine your skills! "

[ Alisa S | San Mateo ]


" Love this girl! Marconi is a great dancer and instructor. Her Dancehall fusion class is amazing and high energy and lots of fun.  She knows how to break down complicated steps to make them easier to learn while also focusing how to improve on style and technique. Have also been taking private lessons with her for about a month and excited to take more. She’s really help me with honing my technique and style and makes the whole experience fun. "  

[ Zoe | San Fran ]


" It's such an honor to be taught by Marconi because not only is she an amazing and established dancer but she is a great teacher as well. Her enthusiasm, expertise, and clarity in explaining every step of every move is wonderful. She’s passionate about dancing and truly cares that her students learn the proper technique. I highly recommend her for any level! "

[ Maria Y | San Fran] 


" Dancehall and Twerking were not styles I had ever tried before, let alone were about to be comfortable doing. However, as a dance instructor myself, I was drawn to Marconi’s organized style of teaching and was motivated every week to go and learn from her. Marconi breaks down steps in a way that is easy to understand for all levels. In addition to choreography, Marconi’s classes typically include conditioning, strengthening and stretching which can be difficult to find these days! I performed 3 times with her at Studiodanz in Hong Kong, and all of the performances were both challenging and exciting! 


Having gotten to dance with Marconi over the last 5 years, you can expect consistency and nothing less than 110% energy every time you are in class with her. She is an amazing teacher, friend and person all around. 


Whether you are a beginner or advanced dancer, I promise Marconi will not let you down. Don’t waste any more time - go and take a class! "

[ Kim Petersen | Hong Kong ] 


" I took Marconi’s class 2 years ago and have enjoyed learning dancehall fusion from her ever since. Marconi is passionate, patient with students of all levels and creates a very encouraging and open learning environment for her students. A caring and high spirited dance teacher who inspires those around her. "

[ Natalie K | Hong Kong ]


" I worked with Marconi 1-on-1 for a few classes while she visited Hong Kong because I wanted to expand my knowledge in dancing and she always encouraged me to try different styles.  Twerking always looked so difficult to me and I never wanted to try until one day she convinced me to just give it a go... And so I did!


In our first class, she was so patient with me and taught the fundamentals in a very clear, understandable, and most importantly fun way.


She makes the class super enjoyable and after getting a hand of some of the basics, I joined her open class, which I also loved going to.  Marconi is very observant, even in a group setting that she will let you know in the class if there's something she wants you to work on.


It was really a great experience having her as my coach.  I can't wait to work with her again when she's back! "

[ Carmen | Hong Kong ] 


“ * Marconi is a highly experienced and professional teacher, friend and family! *

The time we dance with Marconi is when dreams and passion is nurtured. She gave us lots of support and courage to pursue our goals for dancing.


I am one of her many students in Hong Kong. I have been dancing since I was in elementary school. I have tried different kind of styles, like ballet, jazz funk, hip hop, waacking and locking. Few years ago, I watched one of the choreography from Marconi in a showcase, it was amazing! Marconi’s dancehall fusion is my first dancehall class, and I loved it. I found my interest on dancehall after that class and I continue to pursue on dancehall since then.


I was once in a twerk and dancehall team led by Marconi. It was a wonderful experience, I look back at my time there with pride, gratitude and fond memories. What we learnt is far beyond what is demonstrated on the dance floor. Marconi promotes confidence, creativity, love and excellence through her teaching in a professional manner. The enthusiasm she shows every class is amazing. At the same time, she is  very knowledgeable in dancehall and are always willing to share what she knows. I learnt most of the dancehall foundation and techniques from her. It is an absolute pleasure to participate in her class, as well as seeing how much I have learnt and accomplished in such a short period of time. I can really feel her professionalism, friendliness and helpfulness from her hard work.


Marconi also creates a family, a place of acceptance, aspiration and supportive, I am always thrilled to go to her class. She truly cares about each and everyone of her students and all are encouraged to reach their full potential. We made great friendships which will last a lifetime. I came back home each night after practice with a huge smile and I am very lucky to be one of those students of this incredible teacher. We were all feeling sad when Marconi went back to San Francisco, I still remembered the moment we had when we were having farewell for her.


Marconi has helped us focus our love and passion for dance, from the dance styles to the problems in everyday life. She cares, she encourages, she provides opportunities for us to challenge ourselves while still promoting a happy and fun environment to dance. "

[ Stephanie TONG | Hong Kong ] 


“ I still remember the first time when I was stepping out of the classroom, I was frustrated as I literally felt like a penguin for the whole class.” Yes I bet many of you might suffer from the same feeling at first. Dancehall and twerking fusion was a total new thing to me before I stepped into Marconi’s classroom, after getting to know her for more than 2 years, her teaching helped me to grow a lot. Her classes consist different parts which are very good to foster your skillsets. From stretching, strengthening to practicing dancehall moves, you will soon find out your co-ordination gets better while having a stronger inner core with flexibility. Which are the fundamentals for being a good dancer!


Marconi’s class is not only about the skillsets, the vibe, the atmosphere that she created also make everyone in classes enjoyed a lot, you are learning but also enjoying the class at the same time. I’ve joined 4 of her showcases and I acquired lots of learnings and unforgettable moments. Plus, she successfully created an amazing team with a very positive strong feelings! 

Enroll a class, feel it, Hang in for while and you will feel me for sure! :) "

[ Ricky | Hong Kong ]

" I fell in love with Marconi’s class since the first day.  Her class is always full of positive energy and good vibes, and I love her style of teaching. The most important thing about her class is you can learn and gain a lot whether you have experienced in dance or not.


I took her class for a year before she left Hong Kong. She inspired me so much during my training with her, and I have already improved a lot within a year. YES!!!! No kidding, I have improved a lot in a short time especially since I have never taken any dancehall classes before. Some of you might think her class is very difficult and it might not be suitable for beginners.  BUT trust me, Marconi is the most patient dance instructor I have ever met.  She always pays attention and takes care of those who can’t follow the warm up or choreography during class. She will also spend extra time to help students after class when they have questions about steps and foundation. Just go and take her class, you will archive more than what you think and you will feel amazing afterward! 


Also, she is a very well-organized person. Every time I joined her showcase, I never felt rush in learning the choreography and the formation, and we still have plenty of time to practice the dance pieces without having extra rehearsals.  She always completes her tasks on time. "

[ Fish | Hong Kong ]


" I've been taking Marconi's class almost 2 yrs. I love her style so much and she is a great teacher! I didn't have any experience in Dancehall Fushion before but she is so patient, supportive and professional. So glad I could join her team of showcase and classes! <3<3<3 "

[ Elise | Hong Kong ]


" When I had my first dancehall class with Marconi, I didn’t even know what dancehall was. All I know is that it is an ethnic dance style. So I invited my friends to join me. From my first dancehall class experience, the class was full of positive energy; everyone was enjoying their moment from the warm up to learning the choreography.  To an inexperienced student like myself, I think the class was awesome as the warm up was heavy tempo and wasn’t too difficult to follow and control.


Marconi is an amazing tutor; her teaching technique is great. She understands and pays attention to student’s needs. During my first showcase with her, I appreciated her good arrangement and efficiency, which made me feel comfortable and not being nervous.


One year has passed; I noticed I have changed a lot after taking Marconi’s class. I am more confident, more fluid to the rhythm, and more comfortable with my body in shorts.  I am looking forward to learning more from her in the future. :) "

[ YOYO | Hong Kong ]


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